ILOVEMAKONNEN - Club Going Up On A Tuesday F/ Drake


Club Going Up On A Tuesday F/ Drake

The Innanetz


ILOVEMAKONNEN | Club Going Up On A Tuesday [w/ Drake] 



possibly my favourite scene from anything ever

ok what the hell is the x files


Can ppl stop making fun of dark skinned ppls skin not showing up in pictures? Its not funny that you can barely see a dark skinned person in a photo. Its because of white supremacist colorist cameras that were created with a white norm in mind. Its simple shit like this we can do in every day life to eradicate colorism in our communities.

Heres some articles on the subject:

Teaching The Camera To See My Skin

Light and Dark: The Racial Biases That Remain In Photography


5 disturbing facts about police militarization in America

Those cops in riot armor beating and tear-gassing protesters in Ferguson didn’t drop out of thin air. As American police continue to receive billions in military-grade equipment free or subsidized by the Pentagon and Homeland Security, they’ve predictably started to act more like a military force in hostile territory than the public’s protectors.

Facts from ACLU report show just how big the problem has become Follow micdotcom




Chicago man tells Obama: “Don’t touch my girlfriend.”

my mans obeezy put the moves on her at the end

obama aint shit “im not gonna touch your girl”
*touches her*



Steve Harvey’s emotional chat with Michael Brown’s mom (Full Interview)

i urge, urge, urge, URGE you to spread this like a wildfire. We need to reveal the humanity of this situation because Michael was not a thug, his family is real, the suffering that the black community goes through is tragic.

Black people should not be taught to assume the position, black people should not fear walking at night to buy a candy bar or a simply SWISHER, black people should not be treated like second class citizens. 2014 especially.

Spread this to the racists! Spread this to Facebook! Spread this literally EVERYWHERE YOU CAN.

Let EVERYONE know that mike did not die in vain. Let everyone know that he is not another statistic. He is Mike Brown and we must be he voice as well as the voice of all that have been murdered due to racial injustice


Oh my god please watch this video please.

freeglassart said: You may get asked this a lot, so please excuse my ignorance - but how do you go about constructing character expressions and body language and such? Thanks!



Besides The Basics (construction of heads and skulls and muscles and skeletons and how they move), I’ll go over some things I’ve been trying to work on myself lately:

1. Treat expressions as a single gesture of the face/head, as opposed to a head and then individual features dumped on a plate and arranged into an expression.

First, just get down the big shapes of your expression, just like you would for a pose.  

So say I wanna do a low angle angry pose.  I know the features are gonna be all mashed down at the bottom because of perspective.

 Scribble it down


start to put on features


fix stuff


put on more stuff


fix stuff again


erasing and flipping and stuff a whole bunch until you are happy with it or stop caring

Whole head is a gesture!image


2. Just like a facial expression, jot down where the important parts of an entire pose goes first.  You can force the rest of the body to fit the pose.

So here I knew I wanted the shoulders tilted a certain direction, and te hand to be in that particular position in front of her face. 




That’s the simplest explanation I got.  Don’t be afraid to push and pull faces and bodies around! Worry about being “on model” last!

learn from the best

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